For a long time, if you wanted to visit your Chrysler dealership for a minivan, your choices were either the Chrysler Town and Country or the Dodge Grand Caravan. Everything changed a couple of years ago when the Chrysler minivan was replaced by the Chrysler Pacifica. If you’re visiting Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM FIAT of Richmond to decide between the two, which represents the better choice?

The 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan is very close in size to the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica. Both have Stow-n-Go Seating. Torque, horsepower, and towing capacities are close enough to identical on both that you’d hardly notice the difference in real-world use. Fuel economy is close, but the Chrysler Pacifica has enough of a lead that you’d notice over the course of a month’s driving.

The Chrysler Pacifica pulls ahead when it comes to its interior. It starts with more ample interior volume that’s distributed more evenly so the third-row seats are more spacious than they are on the Dodge Grand Caravan. Because passenger volume is given priority, there’s a slight edge to the new Dodge van for cargo space. The edge shifts back to the Chrysler minivan’s nicer interior materials, more advanced tech features, and larger roster of active safety features.

Although the Chrysler Pacifica is a newer design, a newer platform, and is more upscale (among other advantages), the Dodge Grand Caravan shouldn’t be overlooked. There are circumstances when the older design and less luxurious interior work to its advantage, especially if you’re using it as a work vehicle. The lower base price also mitigates in its favor, making it attractive to families on a budget. However, with a trade-in and some help from the finance department at your Richmond Chrysler dealership, you’ll have plenty of options either way.

The best way to choose your new minivan is to see it in person. So visit Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT of Richmond at 1815 Irvine Rd in Richmond, KY today!