Nobody wants a flat tire, but it is sometimes the type of situation that is unavoidable. If you get a flat tire while driving your RAM 1500 or Chrysler minivan, it is best that you know how to change it in a safe, efficient manner. After you have the spare tire on your truck, you can then bring it into our RAM service team at Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM so that we can get you outfitted with a brand-new tire that we can mount and balance. In the meantime, we want to arm you with some tips on changing your tire:

Tire Changing Basics

  • Pull over to a safe area off of the road where you have ample room to work on changing the tire.
  • Get your truck jack, tire iron, and your spare tire from your vehicle.
  • Loosen the wheel lugs on the flat tire before you jack up your RAM.
  • Remove the flat and replace with your spare tire.
  • Use the truck jack to lower the vehicle back down so that you can tighten all of the lugs.
  • Double check all wheel lugs prior to taking off again.

Helpful Tip: When you are not sure of the best way to jack up your truck, you can refer to your RAM owner’s manual for instructions on finding appropriate jacking points.

Not only should you know how to change out a flat tire, but you should always have a spare tire handy that is properly inflated and ready to go. Once you have the spare on your truck, you can bring it into our service center at Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to have a brand-new tire mounted and balanced. Call our service center at (859) 353-4938 or stop by in person to set up an appointment at our full-service dealership located at 1815 Irvine Road in lovely Richmond, VA.