When the weather gets cold in Richmond, KY, you need to get your vehicle ready for winter. And at Mann Chrysler Dodge Jeep® of Richmond, we’re here to make sure our customers stay safe as the mercury keeps dropping. And if this may be your first winter in the Appalachians, you need to make sure you stay safe on those twisty mountain roads. Here’s our quick guide to keeping you safe on the road.

Winterizing Your Car

What exactly does that mean? Quite simply, it’s making sure that your vehicle is as prepared for winter before winter actually hits. That means making sure your fluids are topped off, such as washer fluid – you don’t want to run dry on that when the snow falls. Also making sure that your vehicle’s battery is charged is a good idea – cold weather can diminish the charge, making it harder to start. Having at least a half-tank of gas is a good idea so fuel doesn’t freeze in the lines or the tank is a good idea, because freezes like that can cause a harder start than normal. Lastly, getting a pair of winter tires is a bit pricey, but the increased traction they offer on slick roads feels like night and day.

Driving Strategy

As the adage says: In ice and snow, take it slow. Slippery conditions mean that your vehicle, no matter what it is, is not going to be able to stop on a dime like in the summer. And when you’re driving the highways and byways of the Richmond, KY area, you need to pay attention even more to your surroundings to keep yourself on the road and out of a ditch, or much worse. Snow is never fun to drive through, but snow on the mountains can become a pretty nightmare in an instant.

Let Us Help!

Our trained staff of service professionals is here to keep you on the road, out of trouble, and protected from the perils of the winter season. Stop in today to get the best deals on car service from the best mechanics for you and your Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicle.